Friday, February 8, 2013

Mad Menagerie: The Garrulous (Tropical) Griffon!

Griffon, Tropical

Griffon, Tropical:  Init +4; Atk bite +7 melee (1d10) and claw +5 melee (1d4); AC 19; HD 5d12; MV 30', fly 60'; Act 2d20; SP Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +6; AL N.

Tropical griffons are large beasts with the spotted / striped hindquarters of big cats and the heads, forelimbs, and dazzling plumage of jungle birds.  While smaller and weaker than their mountain-dwelling cousins, they are faster and infinitely smarter.

Tropical griffons are master mimics, and use their vocalizations to trick and disorient prey. And upon overhearing a wizard cast a spell, a tropical griffon can perfectly repeat the incantation, thereby casting the exact same spell with identical special effects!  Only one spell at a time can be retained in this fashion, and for only 1d6 uses.  Tropical griffons lack comprehension in the ways of magic, however, and often repeat spells without caring about (or even understanding) the consequences....

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mad Menagerie: The Crawling Crocworm!


Crocworm:  Init +3; Atk bite +1 melee (1d10); AC 12; HD 3d6; MV 15'; Act 1d20; SP Fort +3, Ref -4, Will -3; AL N.

Crocworms are pale, 15' long abominations with scaly heads that fade into translucent, corpulent, slimy bodies.  They dwell in ruined sewers, deep swamps, and deeper caves, and often congregate near sites contaminated by toxins and/or necrotic energies. Crocworms reek of corruption and decay, and their phlegmy bellows (particularly when rutting) induce nausea in even the most stalwart of souls.

Blind, crocworms track prey via scent, sound, and vibration, and though bloated and sluggish, gain a +3 Initiative bonus thanks to lightning-fast lunges.  Old wives' tales warn of using bladed weapons against crocworms, as chopping them in half allegedly results in two ravenous beasts....

Swamp hags treasure them as beloved pets.

Designer's Notes:  Cross-posted with Mutant Future stats at A Field Guide To Doomsday.

Bogs & Behemoths? Sludges & Serpents? Marshes & Muskrats?

So what DO you call an RPG set in a fetid swamp teeming with rapacious reptiles, baleful bugs, and malignant magicks, anyway?

(And, yes, I would TOTALLY play a game titled Marshes & Muskrats.)

Howdy!  Justin S. Davis here.   You might know me from such blogs as A Field Guide To Doomsday and...well, A Field Guide To Doomsday.

In celebration of my new Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign (which has one whole session under its proverbial belt), I'm starting up this here blog to document campaign hijinks, new monsters, NPCs, and assorted materials.  And there's already something to download (a "swamp-based occupation funnel chart"), right over there!

Not sure yet how often we'll be playing, or if it's going to be one-shots or mini-campaigns or even get off the ground at all...but I figger this is as good a place as any to scratch my swords-n-sorcery itch.

So grab your frog-giggin' sticks, hipwaders, and malaria potions, and climb aboard our rickety raft. Let's see what happens!